Let the smells of an exotic paradise fill your living space with a top note of lemon bergamot.

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300,00 د.إ

300,00 د.إ

The aroma begins with a cascade of crisp and fresh mountain air accented by invigorating lemon bergamot and piquant citrus. As it develops, beautiful tones of rosemary and orange blossom form together to create a reverential harmony. The base notes are warm cedar, labdanum, vetiver and amber bring the aromatherapy experience full circle for long-lasting peace. SHANGRILA from GOLDEN AROMA invites you to a dreamlike trance of serenity, making it ideal for work areas looking to infuse tranquility.


Top Notes: An Invitation to Tranquility


The journey of the Shangri-La  aroma scent begins with the top notes, designed to provide a welcoming and refreshing start, reminiscent of entering a serene Shangri-La property.


Citrus Tingle:

The top notes carry the light and energizing aroma of citrus fruits, including bergamot and mandarin. These vibrant scents bring with them a burst of life and vigour, symbolising the arrival at a Shangri-La resort surrounded by great panoramas and nature.


Herbal Essence:

Enhancing the citric aromas are herbaceous components, such as basil and mint. These green fragrances bring a natural tranquillity to the composition, mirroring the beautiful greenery that often graces Shangri-La properties. It’s like your nose is promising a hushed experience and an intimate union with nature.


Tea Embrace:

To evoke relaxation and peace with nature, a subtle tea infusion infuses its way into the top notes. This element features traditional tea culture similar to tranquil tea gardens adorning many Shangri-La properties; setting up an atmosphere of ease of replenishment.

Heart Notes: Timeless Equilibrium


As we move away from its initial characteristics, this scent dives into its heart notes which pay tribute to that classic placidity in harmony with nature which define every Shangri-La property.

Floral Nature:

At the core of this fragrance lies an angelic floral arrangement comprising lotus blossoms, jasmine florets and petals of peony giving rise to wisps of purity, gracefulness and stillness; echoing those prospects of collapsing into total restfulness offered by every single one of these luxurious resorts.


Sandalwood Grandeur:

To boost profundity and elegance in these heart base elements roots down deep into some special elements like woody richness imparted by sandalwood trees used as a symbol depicting warmth but also deluxe whereas their relaxed interiors come made from some selected materials found about nature only motivating people towards unison with Mother Earth.

Base Notes: A Lasting Olfactory Trail

The last installment of the Shangri-La  aroma scent is found in its base notes, leaving a pervasive memory much like that of a tranquil stay at the property.


Vanilla Sensation:

The final touches offer warmth and sweetness from vanilla. It presents a comforting and relatable embrace which mirrors the peaceful feeling one receives while staying amongst encompassing scenery and plentiful nature. Vanilla directs us to feelings of comfort and ease; assuring guests that they’ve arrived at their own Shangri-La haven.

Musky Appreciation:

To emphasize this long-standing olfactory experience as well as an atmosphere of seduction, subtle musk components are included. This enrichment adds layers of coziness and magnetism akin to the excellent hospitality provided by Shangri-La personnel.

Woodland Quaintness:

Ending these notes with cedarwood and sandalwood invokes tranquility; reminding us of the company’s responsibility in regards to environmental preservation. Such genuine factors result in a sensation of serenity while firmly showcasing Shangri-La’s pledge to sustainability and ecological balance.

A Harmonious Olfactory Journey: The Shangri-La Experience


The calming  aroma scent of essential oil is dispersed around the property, leaving visitors surrounded by this voyage from their very first step there. Not just any scent, but part of all elements thoughtfully combined from accommodating rooms to caring service, ultimately inviting guests on an escapade into natural beauty beyond ordinary luxury expectations. From lobbies to bedrooms, spas, or exclusive candles; archaic smell hints are present quite literally everywhere proving Shangri – La’s concern in reaching ultimate multisensory pleasure levels.




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