Hilton White Tea

A refreshing olfactory GOLDEN AROMA experience that transports you to a serene world of tranquility and elegance combining lavender, rose, violet & wood.

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Hilton White Tea
300,00 د.إ

The aroma scent envelops you in a subtle blend of fresh white tea leaves and crisp lavender notes. The initial burst of rose invigorates the senses, while the heart notes of white tea and delicate florals add a calming, soothing touch. As the scent settles, a base of softwoods and subtle musk lingers, creating a harmonious balance of simplicity and sophistication. This essential oil is a perfect choice for those seeking a light, clean, and timeless fragrance that uplifts and rejuvenates your senses with every whiff!


Hilton White Tea

Top Notes: A Refreshing Welcome

The beginning of the “Hilton White Tea” journey commences with top notes designed to provide a welcoming and uplifting feeling, just like being welcomed by the peaceful atmosphere of a Hilton hotel.

Crisp Citrus:

The refreshing  aroma scent of citrus fruits is featured in the top notes, such as lemon and bergamot. These citrus elements represent refreshment and energy, reminiscent of a pristine and hospitable environment at a Hilton facility. It is like an energizing start to your tranquil stay.

Herbaceous Greenery:

The herbaceous accents of fresh mint and basil work together with the citrus notes to create an aura of natural beauty and serenity, very much like the well-kept gardens in Hilton properties. It’s an atmosphere offering peace and harmony.

White Tea Infusion:

A hint of white tea infusion provides a sense of calmness and relaxation to complete the top notes experience; much like traditional tea houses found in Hilton hotels. This sets up a voyage of tranquility, connecting one with nature’s spirituality.

Heart Notes: A Peaceful Interlude


As the aroma spreads, it gradually shifts to the heart notes that pay homage to the tranquil atmosphere of a Hilton hotel.

Flower Harmony:


At the center of this  aroma scent is a delicate floral harmony, featuring white peony and fragrant jasmine. These exquisitely beautiful flowers are symbols of finesse, purity and placidity. Incorporating them into the heart notes reflects Hilton’s commitment to providing havens of serenity and natural beauty.

Sandalwood Superiority:

Enriching the heart notes with woody sandalwood creates additional depth and sophistication. Sandalwood’s warm luxe mimics opulent interiors and natural resources commonly encountered in Hilton properties, connecting you with nature itself.


Musk Sereneness:


To boost complexity within the heart notes, soft musk weaves its way through incorporating relaxation and spiritual harmony that entangles when spending time at a Hilton stay.

Base Notes: 


The final notes close what “Hilton White Tea” imparts as an endearing bouquet much like your stay will be forever imprinted in your mind.


Vanilla Comfortability:


The bottom line has warmth and sweetness from vanilla that offers comfort as if it were an environment familiarly embraced by Mother Nature – symbolizing that Hilton is indeed a peaceful sanctuary!

Embark on a Soothing Aromatic Adventure: 


The alluring aroma of “Hilton White Tea” is delicately dispersed throughout the premises, making certain that customers are fully immersed in a stimulating voyage from the instant they reach the property. It isn’t simply a perfume; it forms an elemental element of the overall experience, reminding visitors that every component from the serene views to the service has been thoughtfully designed to devise a sanctuary of beatitude and escape into natural beauty.

The  aroma scent can be found in many varieties across the grounds, ranging from the lobby to guest chambers, spas and even signature Hilton candles. It’s an undeviating prompt of their dedication of delivering a multifaceted foray which extends past traditional opulence.

A Special Tie: An Iconic Odor


For lots of clients, the scent of “Hilton White Tea” is beyond just a sweet-smelling fragrance; it serves as a personal bond with their stay at Hilton. It triggers reminiscences of instants devoted to unwinding, restoration and being engulfed in an atmosphere of tranquility at a Hilton venue. The odour turns out to be ingrained with their journey and cultivates an affectionate affiliation, indicating their pledge to offer guests an ambient place for relaxation and luxury.

The signature “Hilton White Tea”‘  aroma scent is formulated for travelers hunting for respite, calmness and compatibility with nature while remaining at the hotel. It is way more than just an essence; it reminds people that staying at Hilton means embarking on a clubbed expedition where serenity takes center stage and its promise for creating such a canon endures at its core.




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