An aromatic blend of GOLDEN AROMA essential oils that radiates Parisian sophistication, encouraging a feeling of effortless grace with orange as the primary scent.

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Miss Dior
300,00 د.إ

In tribute to Dior’s essence of timeless style, this soothing oil composition brings together a delicious harmony of fruity citrus and floral notes. Initial highlights of orange blossom and blood orange spark a revitalizing start, while middle shades of rose jasmine bring to life a bouquet of soft sweetness. Musky undertones from Indonesian patchouli oil and musk culminate in Miss Dior’s graceful signature scent, making it an ideal choice for any salon or spa setting.

Miss Dior

Top notes:


The voyage of the “Miss Dior”  aroma scent begins with the initial notes, meant to develop a fun and inviting inauguration, much like the attraction and style of a fashionable female.


Citrus Spark:


The opening notes feature the tart brightness of citrus fruits, consisting of the radiating power of Sicilian mandarin and Italian bergamot. These citrus notes exemplify the earliest liveliness and frivolity of a woman’s spirit. They are reminiscent of an explosion of joy and exhilaration, showcasing the lively and animated attitude of the current Dior lady.


Lively Greens:


Additioning to the citrus accents are crisp green touches, for instance galbanum and petitgrain. These elements contribute a trace of natural charisma and sharpness to the aroma, approximating to the revitalizing and vivid ambiance that is frequently encompassing a Dior woman. They generate an atmosphere of glossy gracefulness.


Pale Peony:


Next in line is a trace of pale peony which is intended to enforce the essence of gentleness and deliciousness. This floral flavor is subtle, like to memorialize and also cherish an opportune lady’s mild splendor and composure. It conveys admiration towards her tender nature side which still shows hidden strength beneath her face value characteristics.

Heart Notes: 

As the fragrance blossoms, it dives into the heart notes, a homage to the ever-lasting elegance and romantic qualities of “Miss Dior”.

Elegant Rose:


The scent uses an elegant rose blend, featuring scents of Damask rose and Turkish rose. These roses possess the power of love, ardor, and timeless beauty. Their inclusion in these heart notes emphasizes the brand’s commitment to honoring the classic romance and grace of today’s female.

Velvety Jasmine:


Depth and sophistication is created by using velvety jasmine. This floral layer provides a feeling of attractiveness mirroring a Dior woman’s captivating glamour. It forms a thread of sophistication and passion.

Soft Violet:


To further boost complexity in these heart notes, soft violet has been added as well. This adds a sugariness and radiance that reflects the considerate and passionate nature of contemporary women. It stands for her gentle and caring persona.

Base Notes: 


The final part of the “Miss Dior” aroma is exemplified by the base notes, conveying a ceaseless and tasteful olfactory trail, much similar to the durable impression of a contemporary lady’s effortlessness.


Warm Patchouli:


The base notes highlight the warmth and profundity of patchouli. This component speaks to the profundity and quality of character of the cutting edge Dior woman. It adds a layer of richness and profundity, much like her unceasing presence.


Velvet Musk:


To make an enduring effect and an impression of appeal, velvet musk is presented. Musk adds a layer of allure and refinement, much like the spellbinding fascination of a Dior lady. It leaves an indelible imprint of effortlessness and taste.


Woody Serenity:


The base notes finish with the incorporation of woody elements, for example, sandalwood and cedarwood. These components make an association with nature and perpetual excellence, mirroring the immortal and tranquil idea of cutting edge Dior lady. They evoke a sentiment of serenity and everlasting gracefulness.

A Timeless Scent: The “Miss Dior” Encounter


The “Miss Dior” scent is cautiously figured out in order to cover the wearer in an edifying diagram of style, womanliness, and enduring beguilement of present day Dior ladies. It’s not just one aroma; it’s an ageless smell journey.




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