Chanel Coco

A classic essential oil scent to symbolize the grace of orange, rose and jasmine.

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300,00 د.إ

Chanel Coco
Chanel Coco
300,00 د.إ

This exquisite GOLDEN AROMA scent contains floral-oriental notes from rose and jasmine making for a wonderfully fresh atmosphere. An invigorating opening is made with the top notes of orange and orange blossom which are then balanced out with middle notes of mimosa, rose, yang as well as jasmine. The luxe base tones of patchouli and Tonka bean add a deep warm foundation to this elegant aroma that lingers for a long time. This iconic essential oil infuses refinement and class – an ideal addition to any environment or workspace.


Top Notes: 


The beginning of the “Chanel Coco”  aroma scent is created with the top notes, intended to bring about an animated and energetic prelude, similar to the spirited nature of Coco Chanel.


Citrus Glow: In the top notes, a zesty brightness from citrus fruits such as Sicilian mandarin and Calabrian bergamot are included. These citrus elements embody the primary vibrancy and energy within Coco Chanel’s personality. It’s like a rush of zeal and exuberance, clearly depicting the dynamic and magnetic persona of this iconic designer.


Spice Highlights: Enhancing the citrus notes are spicy accents such as coriander and clove. These ingredients add an aspect of complexity and interest to the aroma, much like the diverse character that was Coco Chanel. This produces an aura of poise and classiness.


Fruity Ecstasy: For expressing playfulness and opulence simultaneously, hints of apricot or peach were added into these top notes. These fruity elements contribute another layer of splendor and luxury, reflecting her enthusiasm for luxurious materials, in addition to her love for finer things in life.

Heart Notes: 


As it continues its development, this  aroma scent unravels its heart notes; which are a tribute to the persisting style and sophistication found in “Chanel Coco” .

Glorious Rose: To serve as at the centrepoint in this scent sits a bouquet of stunning roses including Bulgarian rose and May rose. These roses signify splendour, elegance, poise with classical style that will last throughout time – reiterating Chanel’s determination to commemorate the ongoing influence that Coco Chanel has left on fashion alongside perfume as well!


Smooth Jasmine: To increase depth and gracefulness into these heart notesthe smooth aromatic jasmine is made an integral part of it . Much like the empowering charm that Coco Chanel  aroma scent had , The fascinating style with ethereal grace also gets assumed here by adding natural sensuality!


Remarkable Mimosa: To boost subtlety within these core notes a trace of mimosa is added too. Invoking delightful sweetness with some charm represents lightheartedness that was part of her personality along with tender intimacy among folks!

Base Notes: 

The conclusive act of the “Chanel Coco” perfume is represented by the base notes, forming an everlasting and unforgettable scent, much like the never-ending legacy of Coco Chanel.


Radiating Amber: The foundation aromas contain the radiating warmth and depth of amber. This component symbolizes the lasting influence and story of Coco Chanel, adding a layer of richness and refinement. Amber brings forth a long-lasting trail of classic gracefulness and magnificence.


Delicacy Musk: To invoke a long-term response and an aura of allurement, intricacy musk is utilized. Musk imparts a layer of glamour and elegance, resembling the perennial enticement of Coco Chanel. It leaves an enduring imprint of fashion and

A Never-Ending Exploration: The “Chanel Coco” Experience

The “Chanel Coco”  aroma scent is precisely formulated to encase its wearer in an atmosphere of timeless sophistication, suaveness, as well as the perpetual legacy of Coco Chanel. It’s not solely an aroma; it’s an unending olfactory journey that reflects upon the designer’s immortal sway on style and fragrance .

This aroma scent is a persistent indication that there is no conclusion for Coco Channel’s heritage , it effectively incites persons to adopt eternal mode , intricacies , along with grandeur that she typified .

A Personal Bond : A Distinctive Scent

For many individuals, the “Chanel Coco” parfum is more than just a perfume; it’s an affiliation to perennial classiness along with complexity attributed by Coco Channel . It indicates ever existing impact on mannerisms plus perfumes , where deep open emotive interaction sets up which recaps her everlasting impression on mode also odor .


The “Chanel Coco” aroma has been designed for those who appreciate eternal discreteness , who glorify irrevocable elegance plus who takes motivation in vintage esotericism exemplified by iconic dressmaker .It isn’t mere scent ;it summons memory paraphrasing iconic personality plus continuous contrast projected by her heritage .




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