Ritz Carlton

An extravagantly GOLDEN AROMA scent luxurious blend of fragrant green leaves, zesty citrus, and sweet orange aroma.

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300,00 د.إ

Ritz Carlton
300,00 د.إ

The essential scent oil initially strikes you with an effervescent mix of verdant greens and citruses. The middle notes embody the classic elegance of lavender, roses, and jasmine for an indulgent bouquet perfect for those seeking the finer things in life. This scent finishes off with a robust combination of sandalwood, cypress, and oak moss which come together to establish a soothing atmosphere that is befitting for hospitals & clinics.


The Ritz-Carlton is widely known for its luxury, opulence, and world-class hospitality, representing the epitome of grandeur in the hospitality industry. To get a better understanding of what The Ritz-Carlton stands for, it’s important to explore its origins, commitment to excellence, and inherent elements that make it an emblem of lavishness and quality service.

Ritz Carlton

Top Spices: A Refreshing and Alluring Reception

The mission of The Ritz-Carlton  aroma scent commences with its top flavors, which are structured to offer a vibrant and inviting reception for customers. This preliminary impression is significant, establishing the atmosphere for the whole olfactory experience.


Citrus Spice:

The top spices encompass the invigorating reek of citrus flavor, employing elements of lemon and bergamot. This vivid freshness instantly raises spirits, generating an atmosphere of hope and expectation. It mirrors one’s sense of arrival, the split second when you enter a Ritz-Carlton facility and are encountered by amicable personnel.


Herbaceous Cues: Accompanying the citrus spice are faint herbaceous cues such as basil and mint. These flavors bring a tinge of natural beauty and peace to the smell, comparable to beautifully preserved lawns usually encompassing Ritz-Carlton properties.. They bring about a feeling of charm and calmness.


Ocean Gush:

To evoke a sense of coastal sophistication as well as restfulness, a glimmering ocean breeze is introduced into the foremost spices. 

Heart Notes: Splendor and Lives on Forever

As the aroma evolves, it dives into the heart notes, which pay tribute to the grandeur and never ending character that characterize The Ritz-Carlton experience.


Floral Bouquet:

In the midst of the perfume lies an exquisite floral bouquet, predominantly paying homage to roses, jasmine, and lily of the valley. These eternal blossoms are symbols of beauty, poise, and luxury. Their presence in the heart notes mirrors the company’s dedication to providing a feeling of extravagance and polish.


Rich Woods:

To incorporate thickness and sophistication into the heart notes, plush woods like sandalwood and cedarwood are incorporated. These woody elements are similar to the glossy mahogany furnishing and elegant carpentry often seen in Ritz-Carlton establishments. They create a sense of warmth and opulence.


Subtle Spices:

To upgrade the complexity of the  aroma scent faint spices such as cardamom and clove are woven into the heart notes. These aromatic condiments add a hint of mystery and sophistication – much like what is encountered at premium dining places located in The Ritz-Carlton.

Base Notes: An Lavish Finish

Warm Vanilla:

The base notes feature gentle sweetness from vanilla richly combined with its inviting warmth – very similar to what guests experience from their peaceful stay inside majestic surroundings at any Ritz-Carlton subsidiaries scattered across countries worldwide. Vanilla conjures up a feeling of being home snug again while highlighting that The Ritz-Carlton does indeed feel just like one’s own abode abroad even if it is only temporary in nature.


Amber Accord:

To provide an extended aromatic train as well as an aura of luxuriousness one would not easily forget anytime soon; amber accord sweetens this already pleasant package further with its smokey yet earthy tones.

A Harmonious Olfactory Journey: The Shangri-La Experience


The calming  aroma scent of essential oil is dispersed around the property, leaving visitors surrounded by this voyage from their very first step there. Not just any scent, but part of all elements thoughtfully combined from accommodating rooms to caring service, ultimately inviting guests on an escapade into natural beauty beyond ordinary luxury expectations. From lobbies to bedrooms, spas, or exclusive candles; archaic smell hints are present quite literally everywhere proving Shangri – La’s concern in reaching ultimate multisensory pleasure levels.




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