A fascinating  GOLDEN AROMA essential oil that stirs the senses with its mysterious and entrancing combination of tuberose jasmine notes.

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300,00 د.إ

300,00 د.إ

This scent begins with an outburst of jasmine for a lively and rejuvenating effect. As it develops, the central tones open up to form a lush amalgam of exceptional florals like passionate red roses and radiant jasmine, deepening the mystery and charm. The base notes of cozy vanilla wrap the aroma in a seductive and lingering aura. “Passion” is a captivating scent oil that evokes yearning and fascination, making it ideal for anyone wanting to make an enduring impression!


Top Notes: The Spark of Attraction

The adventure of the “Passion” aroma scent starts with the top notes, meant to make an enticing and compelling introduction, similar to the spark of attraction.

Citrus Zest:

The top notes contain the invigorating scent of citrus fruits, such as bergamot and lemon. These citrus elements signify the initial interest, just like the electric chemistry that triggers between two passionate souls. They are like a blast of energy and positivity, reflecting the early, powerful sentiments of appeal.

Exotic Fruits:

Accompanying the citrus notes are extraordinary fruit accents, for example ripe mango and delectable lychee. These parts integrate an exotic charm and luxury to the smell, echoing the appealing and alluring quality of passion. They produce an atmosphere of enticement and delight.

Spicy Accents:

To bring out a feeling of warmth and fervor, spicy accents such as black pepper and ginger are included into the top notes. These spices add a layer of interest and sensuality, comparable to the beguiling foreplay of passion. They create an aromatic amalgamation that is both attractive yet irresistible.

Heart Notes: The Flames of Desire


As this fragrance develops, it moves on into heart notes which pay tribute to yearning and enthusiasm’s strong and comprehensive nature.


Floral Seduction:

In the core lies an exhibition of entrancing flowers such as damask rose or ylang-ylang. These blossoms represent love, sensuality, as well as unbound desire. Their nearness in heart notes mirrors this brand’s commitment to praising enthusiasm’s power and magnetism.

Velvety Woods:

To incorporate complexity into these heart notes there is velvet wood like sandalwood or patchouli added in too . These wooden components inject a sensation of comfort and sensuality much like heated moments making passion even wilder with temptation! Being introduced they forge a basis around craving yet unavoidable fascination too!

Vanilla Embrace:

Enhancing these heart notes more is a lick of vanilla weaved into this fragrance also. Providing enjoyment along with sweetness it resembles tender instants exhibiting passion plus connection sharing quality moments! It represents how through love there is still compassion!

Base Notes: An Unforgettable Emotional Finish

The grand finale of the “Passion” perfume is encapsulated in the base notes, giving an aromatic faintness that sticks in the mind, like the unforgettable emotion of sentiment.


Sumptuous Amber:

Coming to form the end notes of this perfume are the profundity and richness of amber. This feature represents the boiling ardor of passion, adding a layer of feeling and enticement. Amber creates an eternal trace of unavoidable fascination.

Musk Captivation:

To cast a lasting impression and a sense of feeling, musk is included. Musk adds a plane of long for and closeness, much like the enduring memory ignited by passionate events. It renders an indelible stain to show fervor and entice emotion.

Passion” fragrance was created for all those who recognize how significant emotional strength actually is, as well as commemorate insatiable cravings perpetually . It further proceeds beyond being nothing more than fragrances; managing to rouse us by stressing on needing to admire no matter how influential our aptitudes might turn out – this scent strengthens our capacity , incorporating something fine into us while providing a notification that passion forms resources breathtaking power .


Conclusively, “Passion”  aroma scent stands tall amongst specifically tailored masterpieces containing essence composed from deep burning enthusiasm ; attractive lanterns & various captivating attractions along with leaving casting sensory experience that reverberates commitment towards admiring each individual emotions passions unstoppable magnetism accurately .




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