A contemporary aromatherapy experience from GOLDEN AROMA diffusers capturing the spirit of pure self-expression with a heart of mulan & melon.

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Real Me
300,00 د.إ

The vivid, lively lemony and peachy flavors set the tone right off the bat, giving a revitalizing boost. Evening jasmine, plum & rose bring sophistication to this composition, while the base notes of musky vanilla, cedar & blackberry ensure long-lasting pleasure. This GOLDEN AROMA essential oil is key for individuals who feel represented in themselves and display assurance – a great pick for an office environment.

Real Me

Top Notes: 


The journey of the “Real Me”  aroma scent commences with a fragrant beginning, like the spark of self-realization.


Citrus Splash:

The initial notes consist of citric brightness, incorporating stimulating scents like lemon and lime. These components symbolize awakening the senses and beginning to explore one’s being. They resemble an explosion of enthusiasm and hope, comparable to discovering who you truly are.


Herbaceous Greenery:

Joining the citric aroma are herbal hints such as basil and mint. These shades of green enhance this fragrance with a natural flavor and freshness, much like a new start related to exploring yourself. It creates an atmosphere of progress, renewal, and liveliness.


Aquatic Notes:

To give the sensation of pliability and flexibility, downy aquatic notes float around in the top notes. This part denotes the ever-changing character of self-discovery as well as the fluidity of personal identity. It is akin to a soft wave filled with chances that serve as an indicator that having faith in oneself is a continuous quest.

Heart Notes: 


As it develops further, these scents delve into heart notes which salute one’s internal balance and genuineness associated with the “Real Me”.


Floral Serenity:

At its allegorical middle lies calming floral consonance featuring aromas like rose and lavender for example These blossoms signify charm, placidity and owning up to oneself. Their existence reflects commitment from said brand in recognizing singularity and enabling everyone to achieve their true identity.

Finishing Touch: Becoming Aware


The concluding part of the “Real Me”  aroma scent is depicted by its base notes, developing an enduring olfactory trail, much like coming to terms with and feeling secure in one’s own identity.


Rich Amber:

The base essentials incorporate the richness and intensity of amber. This constituent symbolizes the inside light that comes with self-admiration and understanding oneself. Amber adds a layer of comfortableness and voluptuousness, comparable to the heat that radiates from someone who is calm in one’s true self.


Luxurious Musk:

To form a permanent trail and an atmosphere of refinement, sumptuous musk is brought out. Musk adds a coating of luxury and charm, similar to the pull that originates from self-trustworthiness and conscious understanding. It leaves a courteous impression of inner beauty and being assured.


Woody Vibes:

The base changes stop with the special addition of sylvan reverberations, such as sandalwood and vetiver. These components construct a correspondence with nature and true stature, mimicking the thought of being in harmony with one’s truest identity. They evoke a perception of inner power and accord.

A Personal  aroma scent Adventure: The “Real Me” Experience


The “Real Me” scent has been consciously engineered to encompass the user in an air of realness and understanding oneself .It’s not just an aroma; it’s a personal fragrant expedition, matching up to investigating one’s core being and applauding uniqueness.


The smell is an ever-present signpost that accepting the “Real Me” is a voyage detailed by progress, appreciating oneself, and voicing one’s opinion uninhibitedly. It urges individuals to honor their originality and express confidently what makes them unique.


An Individual Attachment: A Signature aroma scent-

For many people the “Real Me” fragrance symbolizes more than just perfume; it stands as individual devotion to their journey for connecting inwardly .It reminds them living moments understanding themselves ,gaining control ,and communicating authentically something they truly are .The scent becomes entangled with their journey creating deep emotional ties , mirroring their true character together with development..

The “Real Me”  aroma scent was crafted specifically for those who value traveling inwardly , acclaim individualism ,and discover strength when expressing openly what makes them exceptional. For some people it goes beyond perfume; it stands for bringing out courageously from within , embracing positive what fulfills us most ,each person on his own journey.




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